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Registered Clubs

We audit a wide range of Registered Clubs which are usually either companies limited by members guarantee or incorporated associations. The types of clubs include:


  • RSL Clubs

  • Golf Clubs

  • Lawn Bowls Clubs

  • Soccer Clubs

  • Rugby League and Rugby Union Clubs

  • Various other sporting organisations

  • Social Clubs

Our audit services to Registered Clubs, helps them to meet the following legislative requirements:


  1. The NSW Office of Fair Trading through The Associations Incorporation Act 2009 requires that
    larger, or Tier 1 associations, whose gross receipts exceed $250,000 or current assets exceed
    $500,000 must submit audited financial statements each year to the members at the AGM.

  2. ASIC stipulates that Clubs which are companies limited by members guarantee must lodge audited
    financial statements with ASIC each year.

Most of our Registered Club clients are introduced to us by other Clubs and/or accountants.


We welcome your enquiry for further information by completing our on-line form below.

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