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AFS Licensee

Australian Financial Services Licensees (AFSL) are required to have an annual audit of their financial statements. Our AFSL clients include:

  1. Financial Planners

  2. Fund Managers

  3. Insurance Brokers

Our AFSL audits include completing and lodging the following:


  1. ASIC Form FS70 – Profit and Loss Statement and Balance Sheet

  2. ASIC Form FS71 – Audit Report

When an AFSL decides to move their auditing to Atanasov Audit & Consulting we will coordinate with each new client, the following process:

  1. Removal of existing auditior

    • Preparation of Form FS07 – Application for Consent to Remove an Auditor of an AFSL

    • Annexure A – Directors Resolution

    • Annexure B – Letter from us to the outgoing auditor

    • Annexure C – Letter from us to the AFSL accepting the appointment as the new auditor

  2. Liaising with ASIC in order to obtain written consent for the removal of the existing auditor

  3. Lodgement of Form FS06 – Appointment of our firm as auditor of the AFSL

Most of our AFSL Audit clients are introduced to us by accountants and firms requiring our specialised services.


We welcome your enquiry for further information by completing our on-line form below.

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