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Audit Process

We provide each client with a comprehensive audit service which helps them to manage the whole process in an efficient and constructive manner. As much as possible we try to minimise the impact on the day-to-day operation of their business with effective planning and preparation. We achieve these goals by:


  1. Fully explaining and scoping the auditing process within our audit engagement letter

  2. Progressively educating the client as to what is required

  3. Listing the required financial records well in advance of the audit

  4. Liaising with the organisation’s responsible bookkeeper or accountant

  5. Selecting and utilising the applicable audit program to ensure that the audit can be completed efficiently, accurately and cost effectively

  6. In a post COVID19 pandemic world, we endeavour to provide audit services remotely wherever possible. When this is not possible (eg. Needing to supervise a stocktake) we create a simple and effective COVID-safe plan to protect the client’s team, our team and the public at large

  7. Discussing the audit with the client prior to finalising the audit report

  8. Issuing the audit report to the relevant authority on time

  9. Providing professional advice to clients in order to better equip them for future audits


We welcome your enquiry for further information by completing our enquiry form below.

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