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Audit of trust accounts
NIA Magazine 2011

Trust accounts are an essential component of many businesses and have a statutory requirement for annual audit.


Most IPA members in public practice will come across the need for a trust account audit at some stage, either for their clients or for their own practice’s trust account. These are some of the more common types of trust account audits and related audit requirements … read more

Tax tips for landlords
Real Estate Institute of NSW 2009

It’s that time of year again when you have to start thinking about getting your tax information together and seeing your accountant. Landlords are in a unique tax situation as they have a bit more control over their tax refunds than taxpayers who only have group certificate income.


The following tips can help you legally maximise your tax refund and bring you one step closer to buying that next rental property … read more


Trust account audits
Real Estate Institute of NSW 2008

It will be less of a hassle if you already have good systems in place and your accounts and receipts are well-organised.


It’s that time of year when you need to start preparing for your annual trust account audit. Here are some tips for getting ready – and what could happen if you fail to meet this legal requirement … read more

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